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The Astrologer's Daughter Radio Show: LOVE & the Cosmos with Terry Lamb!

Join us this Sunday for the Astrologer's Daughter radio show with our special guest -- Terry Lamb -- an astrologer, coach and counselor to a worldwide clientele. Under the light of her expertise, we'll be discussing the powerful (and rare) series of Mars-Venus conjunctions in Aries, Leo and Virgo. Whether you're partnered or not, the stars seem to be aligning in such a way that LOVE and RELATING will be a most important course in 2015. Join the conversation by calling between 7:03 - 8 pm (with your birth time ready) at 888-298-5569 and/or stream us live 

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The beautiful thing about this is the blessing that comes with this process. I believe that we have a soul, and a spirit, obviously, and that we have spirit help and guidance, both in the hidden realms and coming through people we know and meet, every day. There is a strong, firm, and benevolent hand helping us through this passage. If we will take this hand and allow it to lead us, we will make it through and find the solution to the issue. Our life and all our relationships will be illuminated.
— Terry Lamb (on Venus/Mars in Leo --