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The Astrologer's Daughter Radio Show w/ Coach Michelle Morgan

Join us for the Astrologer's Daughter radio show with our guest -- personal development coach and super human  Michelle Morgan.  We'll be discussing the importance of non-resistance in this episode entitled LET IT BE. That and:  the influx of fiery energy as Venus and Mars conjoin in vitalizing Aries. Cosmic insight and real-world advice! 

Stream us Iive from 7:03 - 8 PM PST at or better yet have your birth time ready and call 888-298-5569 to receive astrological guidance AND real-world advice.

It's time to dive into the flow of your life. It may even be easy ... if you stop RE-ACTING! 

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If everything in nature is impermanent, why should so much sorrow be drummed up when relationships prove the same? They are, after all, just one more expression of the inevitable cycle of life and death, right? Like crying at sunsets, maybe there’s no use mourning what is hard-wired into the rhythm of life.
— Kelly Chambers (Imagine. A Love Story)