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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
— Carl Jung
Reading the Stars at the 90th Annual Oscars

Reading the Stars at the 90th Annual Oscars

Kelly has been listening to the "music of the spheres" since she was 8 years old. Her fascination with astrology has transformed from reading the 99-cent Star Scrolls she bought in her hometown of San Diego to interpreting birth charts as an incredible tool for psychological discovery, self-awareness and gaging the right time for inspired action (or non-action).

Through the rich language of Astrology and Tarot, combined with a strong intuitive voice, readings expand your perspective, validate your own deep inner knowing and empower you to make choices supported by the cosmic currents.  

Read Kelly’s monthly horoscopes on the actor's online magazine – Backstage – or follow her on her on instagram @astrodaughter. She is the former community manager at and former leading "Knowledge Expert" in the Astrology section of Yahoo Answers. To hear more about events and get on her mailing list, email her at or schedule a chat.

Kelly was the live on-air astrologer on The Zodiac Divas on CBS Spirit Guide Radio, guest host on America’s Love Channel with Kyra Oser and co-host with her very own mother (also an Astrologer and Tarot Reader!) on The Astrologer's Daughter Radio Hour on 1150 AM Alternative Talk in Seattle. Her favorite guests include Stephen Furst (Animal House), Cindy Morgan (Caddyshack), Butch Patrick (The Munsters), and the wonderful Tippi Hedren (Birds).  Recent gigs include People TV's "The Oscar's Fan Experience, the Adult Swim Carnival Tent at ComicCon, and filming a segment on Buzzfeed trying to guess the Sun signs of their employees.

A graduate in Communications Studies from UCLA, Kelly continues to apply her degree in the most liberal of ways. She received an astrological Master’s Certificate for completion of the Masters Program with Evolutionary Astrologer Steven Forrest.  She continues to pore through astrological texts, attend workshops and admire the works of her favorite astrologers like Kaypacha, Liz Greene and Forrest. She loves diving into the past-life/early life symbolism of charts to unearth awareness around unconscious patterns so we can break the cycle and move forward towards a more fulfilling experience of life!

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Cosmic Blueprints. Astrology Books for Kids (and Adults!) 

Unique gifts for children.

Unique gifts for children.

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"Kelly is a brilliant intuitive. I just got a super accurate reading from her, the recording of which is my new guiding light." —Bobbie B.

“I'm glad I had a pen and paper handy because there was so much gold! Astrodaughter is so warm and energetic in her approach. Her passion for astrology and helping others understand the stars and themselves shines through. I really loved the metaphors and stories she used to help translate what she was seeing play out in my chart and upcoming transits. Be prepared to digest a lot of info and insights after telephone appt. The themes raised really resonated with my current personal journey and was valuable validation for my personal therapy process.” — R. Winston

"Kelly Chambers is one of my most trusted astrological advisers.  Her emotional intelligence, sensitivity to personal issues, and incredible listening skills make every reading I have experienced with her enlightening and forthright.  I have passed her name to several close friends and they too agree—Kelly is a very gifted woman!" —Erin M.

"She pulls the curtain back." —J. Rose