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Buzzfeed Sun Sign Off! Buzz Killington?

Guess my Sun Sign?! It’s a familiar assumption that astrologers “should” be able to guess Sun signs just based on meeting a person. Honestly, I think a person who knew less about astrology that I do would have better luck. Between the Rising sign, the Midheaven and planets in the 1st House, we astrologers are picking up on a lot of information. Also, being an astrologer is not the same thing as being a psychic. We read symbols off a chart and then use our knowledge of the planets and the relationships between them to do a reading. In any case, I’m always up for a challenge. I went to the Buzzfeed headquarters, observed and questioned employees and made my best guess. Yes, sometimes I got lucky, sometimes I mistakenly thought they were the sign that was rising (i.e. I guessed the Cancer was a Leo, but she was a Leo Rising!), and sometimes I utterly failed. Video coming out soon, so help me God.

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