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Imagine. A Love Story.

Imagine. A Love Story, a comedic memoire of love and loss in LA, is now available as an eBook or paperback on Amazon

Just look at what my close friends and family have to say about it :) 


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Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

"Whoah. Kelly Chambers brings the painful, mind bending, enlightening, empowering fluctuations between romantic anxiety and levity right at ya in this one. She doesn't spare us a moment of her love process. And thankfully so, because a lot of fuuuuunny, funny stuff comes with it. (OMG, Chapter 9) It's a truly entertaining read that let's us look right at the inner workings of this gal while more than once finding ourselves snuggled right in there, whether we like it or not." - K.L.F. 

"Such a fun, honest, spiritually insightful read! I found myself laughing loud enough to be asked by my roommates what I was reading. Kelly Chambers weaves a raw story of expectations in love and life with profound spiritual truths. She puts flesh and bone to the vagueness of quasi romantic communication, breathing vulnerability and expert humor into its lungs. Read this book if you want to laugh and relate on multiple levels." - R.N. 

"Truly a must read! It perfectly captures those feelings we all go through when trying to navigate our way through a new relationship! Part of me couldn't put it down and the other part of me didn't want to rush through it. It's like spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal and wanting to savor every bite! It had me completely engaged and wanting to know how it all unfolded! Great book!" - M.A. 

"Grab a comfy seat and dive into this L.A / NY tale of love, relationship and good dose of laughter. Loved every page!" -Y.G. 


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