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The Astrologer's Daughter w/ Dabney Lawless

Join us this Sunday - tonight! - for some astro-radio fun with my mother Teresa and Dabney Lawless of (our guest astrologer and love expert! :) This week's theme is "Falling in Love w/ your Inner Toad" so you can love the toads in others. My mom shares a quote about liking someone 51% of the time is enough to build a dream on!  No , I'm serious! There's a New Moon in Taurus so we're getting practical. We also have a special caller who took the road less traveled and illuminates another choice on the path to love and family...waiiiit for it. 

Come digging with us this Sunday night from 7 - 8 PM PDT on or call us live at 888-298-5569 and learn how to get out of your own way and start living according to your values now. 

Follow me on twitter maybe  @astrodaughter , or friend  my  Facebook Page and/or or email my mom or I at for a complete reading.