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The Astrologer's Daughter Radio Show: DEAD ANCESTORS!

Join us this Sunday for the Astrologer's Daughter radio show with our special guest -- Kyra Oser -- a multi-life psychic (that's right!), master tarot reader, hypnotherapist & funny person. We offer the advice of our DEAD ANCESTORS -- because who knows more about how to live life right than the one's who died trying? Tune in as we channel wisdom from the beyond -- it could be inspiring, profound or downright comical.

We could all stand to loosen up a little as we're betwixt eclipses and it seems the Universe is literally trying to break us down to build us up. Join us for a little tough love by calling between 7:03 - 8 pm (with your birth time ready) at 888-298-5569 and/or stream us live 

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