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The Astrologer's Daughter Radio Show w/ Lisa De Narvaez


Join my real mother and I for The Astrologer's Daughter radio show! This Sunday we have special guest and Human Design Specialist  Lisa De Narvaez. Check her out -- she's awesome:

What is Human Design?? 

"It weaves together eastern and western astrology, the i-ching, the kabbalah, the chakra system and quantum physics.

It is based on your birth time, date and place.

It gives you insight into what your life purpose is, what your gifts and challenges may be, how you process emotions, how to best make decisions and how to better understand your relationships and navigate them with more ease and grace." 

- Lisa 

 Stream live at from 7:02 - 8 PM PST at or better yet have your birth time ready and call in with a question.  Readings are done on the fly and totally in service of YOU. 

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“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” 
― Mark Twain