The History Of Everything 

The occult world of mysteries and the unexplained has always fascinated me. So has the hidden world that lies under the surface of our human personas. I believe the Cosmos, as it relates to us in the ancient language of Astrology & the meaningful participation of the Tarot, can reveal truths about our natures and the landscape of our current journey. In addition to being revelatory and insightful, it's also a lot of fun! 

 Thanks, mom! (Also a professional astrologer and tarot reader). These things run in the genes.

Thanks, mom! (Also a professional astrologer and tarot reader). These things run in the genes.

First things First 

It started first with those now defunct 99-cent "Starscrolls" that I bought religiously with a friend every week. How did these cheap paper scrolls portend to get anything about me? And yet, sometimes, they got it right! It got more interesting (and more right) when my mom gifted me a "real" reading with a professional astrologer. Boy, did he know a few things -- from my fascination with humor and language to the sensitivity inherent in my Pisces Moon (I was long in denial with my authoritative Capricorn Sun at the helm:). He recommended the foundational book "The Inner Sky" by Steven Forrest and the rest is well, history!

Finally I got to business. 

I was so inspired and felt so understood, I reached out to the author and he ended up offering me a chance to apprentice (because it was before my “Saturn Return” - aka “before I turned 30”). Yes, please! Twice a year, in addition to my own studies,  I'd head to Napa Valley in Northern California to participate in his week-long long learning retreats and absorb everything I could. I fell in love with evolutionary astrology and started studying the Tarot and writing blogs for soon after. Now, I'm in the business I love, reading tarot and astrology for private clients as well as entertaining at events from the Oscar’s Fan Experience to Comic Con to Hollywood productions and Halloween galas.

 The Astrologer's Daughter's first book.

The Astrologer's Daughter's first book.


The Power of Now 

I want everyone to feel as supported by these divination tools as I have. The best kind of reading, I believe, is one that resonates with your soul and gives you permission to live YOUR life. We give ourselves so little credit sometimes for our self-knowledge and intuition, and astrology and the tarot can offer what seems like a magical nudge towards self-acceptance, trust and celebration of your unique cosmic blueprint. If you’re interested in a reading, I’ll be here.