The History Of Everything 

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
— Oscar Wilde

The occult world of unexplained mysteries has always fascinated me; so has the oft-hidden world that lies beneath surface of our tailored human personas. I believe the Cosmos, as it relates to us in the ancient language of Astrology & the symbolism of the Tarot, can reveal truths about our natures, the landscape of our current journey and the seed of our destiny. I believe free will and being masters of our fate. I also believe Astrology and Tarot are jumping off points for an infinitely rich and nuanced interpretation of an individual’s character, life path, gifts and challenges - offering thoughtful insights into how to best fulfill our soul’s passion and purpose. It is yet one language, steeped in our human experience, to build self-awareness and live an examined life.

My mom and a fellow Astrologer.

My mom and a fellow Astrologer.

First things First 

It all started with those bygone 99-cent "Starscrolls" that I bought religiously with my best friend every week, hungry for answers about adolescent life-or-death situations like if that Gemini was going to ask me out. It got more interesting (and more meaningful) when my mom gifted me a personalized birth chart reading with a talented astrologer as a graduation gift from high school. I was floored that these celestial bodies looming in the Milky Way could somehow attune to inner realities that I thought I was pretty good at keeping under wraps - from the sensitivity inherent in my Pisces Moon to my fascination with humor and language, and even breaking the rules!

He recommended the foundational book "The Inner Sky" by the evolutionary astrology Steven Forrest which gifted me a deep understanding of the signs, planets and houses and their role in the chart. Steven Forrest ended becoming my long-time mentor and now I revel in untangling the mysteries of the soul through looking at the distribution of planets across the sky at the time of birth, as well as how the cards fall in a Tarot spread.

The business.  

It was one of those professions I never set out to do. It was really just something I enjoyed and made sense to me. I started exchanging tarot readings for haircuts in New York City, writing free blogs for which led to articles, which led to a radio show, which led me to here: providing a platform where I can connect with others and share this insightful tool over the phone, in person or at a party whether about your own chart or looking more deeply into how you connect with a partner or loved one.


As Above So Below

The best kind of reading, I believe, is one that confirms your deep inner knowing. We all have access to this information on some level, but Astrology and the Tarot can offer what seems like magical, synchronistic information that gives us permission to trust and accept ourselves, see our experiences in a more meaningful context, and take action on that still, small voice we may have been resisting. It’s also a lot of fun! :)