The History Of Everything 

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
— Oscar Wilde

Kelly is not just any ol’ astrologer … she’s a comic and an astrologer! While trained in the art of evolutionary astrology by master teacher Steven Forrest, she has been a lifelong comedic performer who includes cosmic bits in stand up comedy shows in Los Angeles. Ask her about the Death card. She is former Community Manager at and co-hosted her own radio show “The Astrologer’s Daughter” with her very own astrologer Mother, Teresa. She performs both Astrology and Tarot Readings at special events in addition to private sessions for individuals and couples. Recent invents include ComicCon, the People Magazine’s Oscar’s Fan Experience and a wrap party for Hulu. She even did some astrology on ET Live for Royal Baby Sussex. Comedy events include monthly shows at Flapper’s in Burbank, the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood and a weekly grind of open mics at the beloved Hollywood Fourth Wall. She wrote a book called Imagine: A Love Story (available on Amazon) and writes a monthly horoscope column for the online readers of Backstage actor’s magazine. Check out the “The Weekly Astrocast” on her instagram feed @astrodaughter or events on the homepage to connect with her in person, or schedule a party!

My Philosophy

Astrology, I believe, is a way of building self-awareness and illuminating an ancient road map. I love how it reveals a kaleidoscope of characteristics and contradictions in the human psyche and gives us a sense of being connected to something greater. We are all made of star stuff and this discipline can be fun, completely accessible and help us live into our potential.

The Astrologer’s Mother

The Astrologer’s Mother

The History Of Everything

It all started with those bygone 99-cent "Starscrolls" that I bought religiously with my best friend every week, hungry for answers about adolescent life-or-death situations like if that Gemini was going to ask me out. It got more interesting (and more meaningful) when my mom gifted me a personalized birth chart reading with a talented astrologer as a graduation gift from high school. I was floored that these celestial bodies looming in the Milky Way could somehow attune to inner realities that I thought I was pretty good at keeping under wraps - from the sensitivity inherent in my Pisces Moon to my fascination with humor and language, and even my rebellious streak!

He recommended the foundational book "The Inner Sky" by the preeminent Evolutionary Astrologer Steven Forrest which gifted me a deep and grounded understanding of the signs, planets and houses and their role in the chart. Steven Forrest ended up becoming my lifelong mentor and friend, his wise voice reverberating in my ear as I endeavor to untangle the mysteries of the soul through looking at the distribution of planets across the sky at the time of birth, or how the symbols of the Tarot tell a story about this snapshot of time.

Cosmic Labor of Love

Being an astrologer was never a profession I never set out to do or how I planned to use my degree in Communication Studies (sorry, U.C.L.A.!) It was a language I enjoyed which helped me sort out what I felt were competing aspects of my personality. Exchanging tarot readings for haircuts in New York City, writing blogs for, radio show appearances, my own radio show; all building blocks which led me to providing a platform where I can connect with others and share what I’m passionate about.


The best kind of reading, I believe, is one that confirms your deep inner knowing. While we all have access to this information on some level, Astrology and Tarot can offer timely information that gives us permission to trust ourselves, see our experiences in a more meaningful context, and take action on that still, small voice we may have been resisting. It can also help us laugh at ourselves and how ridiculous we’ve been in perpetuating our blindspots through repetition of self-defeating patterns. Can you think of a better gift to friend? :)

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