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Tarot Readings for Individuals

Questions + Answers for the High Priestess in Everyone

Tarot cards give us a glimpse of what’s going on beneath the surface of any life situation. Through evocative imagery, archetypal themes inherent in each card and the reader’s intuition, the 3, the 7 and the 10-card spread offer insight, clarity and validation of your deep inner knowing. What do the cards have to say about the current season in your life or the meaning behind a particular situation that’s been mystifying you? Pick a card, any card! Or actually, a few.


3-Card Spread.

The Past, Present & Future.

These accessible, to-the-point “mini readings” offer a card corresponding to the querent’s past, present and future. If we believe we live in a meaningful Universe, than these cards offer the major energetic milestones that define a life. These readings are simple and straightforward; great for high-volume parties where each guest has a few minutes to dive into the divine. The symbolism of the Tarot pack a powerful punch, and will leave you thinking about your reading long after you’ve left the table.